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Delta 9


This vapor company came to us seeking help restructuring data and optimizing their Salesforce Enterprise. Our consultation helped guide the workflows and processes to effectively manage sales team with multiple territories. Leveraging the Sales Cloud platform we were able to implement automation that would assign tasks to sales representative and notifications to admin. Check out…(Read More)

System Integration


THC Design known as the leader in premium cannabis cultivation. As one of the original organizations awarded City and State Licensing they had seen a variety of “cannabis specific” softwares. The problem with Cannabis Specific software is that they all fall short when it comes to innovating and trust. Salesforce’s customer relationship management system…(Read More)

Dreamforce 2018


This years Dreamforce event was eye opening. There is something to be said about a company who literally takes over an entire city to educate/entertain business leaders from around the world. Known as one of the ultimate networking events, salesforce partner Jack and I were not going to miss it. Although we had met…(Read More)

Digital Transformation


We are amidst the 4th Industrial Revolution. It is time for companies to get a hold of their data before it gets a hold of them. Salesforce, known as a customer relationships management software, has evolved into an omni-channel enterprise resource platform. When making your digital transformations, technical debt is a very serious matter…(Read More)

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