Butch VanArtsdalen


As close family friends, the Fresh Pineapples Surfboard Company is paying tribute to the honorable and heroic life of Butch. They have designed a board similar to that of what Butch rode in his surfing history at pipeline.

Shaped and designed by Bill Shrosbree, a surfboard craftsman of 45 years, the board performs dynamically in the waves of La Jolla where Butch mastered his surfing talents before he made the drop at the infamous Banzai Pipeline.

[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”1iLIb1njl3Q”]
3KEYMEDIA has been involved in many dynamics of this project starting with the artwork for the logo to the video production and editing of a promo reel and now the butchvanartsdalen.com website. As this project continues to grow keep an eye out for the legend of Butch VanArtsdalen to reach a beach near you.

Learn more about the Butch VanArtsdalen Surfboard here.

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